ETNOLAND Dalmati is a theme park and excursion destination open all year round. Memorable moments of your stay in ETNOLAND Dalmati will mark the spirit of the past, local food, nature, kind and smiling hosts, as well as the tradition and customs of Dalmatia.

With a total area of 15 000 m2 ETNOLAND Dalmati is the destination for all types of group arrivals, entertainment and socializing. With prior notice we operate all year round.
Because of the proximity to the National Park Krka (10 min.), our visitors often combine a visit to the national park followed by a visit to ETNOLAND Dalmati.

Our visitors include younger and older people, locals and foreigners, lovers of gastronomy, people wanting to relax, pilgrims, but also business people wanting to organize seminars, conferences, business dinners and celebrations. However, we are also often visited by those who want to celebrate their weddings, christenings, confirmations, birthdays and parties on a special location in a special way.


Guided tour of the village includes hosts dressed in traditional costumes and tasting of local products, enabling our visitors to get to know the 100-year-old Dalmatian way of living in a very interesting, humorous and unusual way!
We'll walk you through Grandpa's house (Ethnographic Museum of Dalmatian Hinterland). Together with your host, along dry stonewalls, you will also walk by the herb garden, educational path, fragrant fields of lavender, a small vineyard and olive trees.
We are proud to claim that in this way we provide our visitors with a unique and memorable travel experience.

GRANDPA’S HOUSE - Ethnographic Museum of Dalmatian Hinterland

During this sightseeing tour and a visit to the Grandpa’s house you’ll learn how our ancestors slept, worked, ate and drank. You will visit the bedroom, working room, dining room, kitchen, attic and basement. As befits Dalmatian tradition, during your visit to the Grandpa’s house, you’ll taste the famous “Drniški pršut” (Drniš smoked ham) and homemade wine.


With its central position in the village, “kolarište“ is a multifunctional site, usually used for performances by folklore groups, concerts, teambuilding programs, theater performances, as well as motivational and welcoming speeches.
We will gladly arrange custom made programs for you in "kolarište", which has the total capacity of 500 seats.
Dance and theater performances, as well as concerts and other programs we recommend for larger adult and/or business groups (100 persons or more).


Celebration of life and togetherness, while enjoying and sharing the food is an important part of the Dalmatian family. We therefore invite you for a traditional homemade meal served to you either in the winter or in the summer restaurant, depending on the weather conditions. The total seating capacity in the summer restaurant is 500 people, and in the winter restaurant it's 190 people.
During lunch and / or dinner, if you wish so, we can organize live music for additional entertainment. As a meal option we suggest that you try the traditional dishes prepared under the bell "ispod peke".


Next to numerous awards and accolades, about the quality of our offer the impressions, reviews and experiences of our visitors say a lot. Write down your comments and before returning back to your accommodation, visit a small market and find a lasting memory of the ETNOLAND experience.

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ETNOLAND Dalmati in short:

  • all-year-round excursion destination
  • specialized in groups (min 15 people) and group arrivals
  • by appointment and with prior reservation
  • animation and education during your whole stay
  • visit to the Ethnographic Museum of Dalmatian Hinterland
  • summer restaurant with 500 seats
  • winter restaurant with 190 seats
  • meeting / seminar hall with 100 seats
  • learning about the customs, tradition and way of life in Dalmatia
  • special events: weddings, parties, birthdays, etc.
  • local food (house specialty: "Drniški pršut" smoked ham, cheese, dishes prepared traditionally under the bell "ispod peke")
  • local wine
  • local spirits (herb grappa with honey, cherry-, fig-, walnut liqueur)
  • hosts dressed in traditional costumes who speak foreign languages
  • wine tasting programs
  • smoked ham tasting programs
  • folklore evenings
  • theater shows
  • live music
  • teambuilding programs